Cottage Sitter Temperature and Power Alarms

Freeze Alarms and Temperature Alarms for your Cottage

Protecting and monitoring your vacation home, cabin or cottage - any unattended property - is very important, especially when you can't be there! New innovative products make this easier than ever the Sensaphone Cottage Sitter is a remote property monitoring system that can help you detect problems before they turn into disasters. This system will contact you or anyone of your choosing by dialing between four and eight phone numbers when its sensors detect abnormal conditions (i.e. temperature extremes, power failures, intrusions, water incursion, sounds such as smoke alarms and burglar alarms and many other conditions using a wide range of sensors and accessories).

The Sensaphone Cottage Sitter also takes remote monitoring a step forward with the added ability to control the thermostat by phone. Now you can set the temperature hours before you arrive, ensuring that the property is a comfortable temperature from the moment you walk in the door!

Sensaphone Cottage Sitter Basic Capabilities:
· 4 or 8 user-selectable inputs 
· temperature or dry-contact inputs 
· AC Power failure sensing with variable recognition time 
· battery condition monitor 
· clock 
· thermostat control
· notification of furnace failures 
· notification of water leaks
· notification of power disruptions 
· provides remote “listen-in” capability - allows you to contact your system using any telephone, to receive status reports, listen in to on-site sounds, and control your thermostat.

Cottage Sitter Advanced Capabilities:
· Temperature sensing in Fahrenheit (-20°F to 150°F), or Celsius (-29ºC to 65ºC) 
· Individual temperature input calibration 
· Nonvolatile memory for all programmed parameters

The Sensaphone Cottage Sitter is designed for simple and powerful programming. These programmable features include high and low temperature thresholds, alarm recognition time, call delay, inter call delay and message repetitions. The Sensaphone features variable alarm recognition and listen-in time, simple alarm disable, security code access, remote sensing, and remote furnace control. It monitors conditions of power, temperature, humidity and other important environmental conditions to protect cottage, cabin, or home and will automatically contacts you at up to eight locations if unsafe conditions occur. The Sensaphone Cottage Sitter acts as cottage temperature alarm, power outage alarm, dialer and so much more - this product is perfect for year-round property owners and snow birds alike!

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Cellular Gateway

Use this device with ANY of the Freeze Alarms or Sensaphone dialers in locations where there is not a land line available.

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Sensaphone FGD-400 Cottage Sitter

cottage temperature monitor

Sensaphone FGD-800 Cottage Sitter

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Freeze Alarm Systems Available

freeze alarm deluxe
Freeze Alarm Deluxe

FAD2 model of Freeze Alarm for monitoring your cottage or cabins temperature and even turning it up over the phone. Perfect for temperature control.

freeze alarm intermediate
Freeze Alarm Intermediate

The FAI is the most popular model of Freeze Alarm for monitoring your cottage or cabins temperature.

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